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Who makes the best hamburger in Austin?

The Kent Redding Group

Purpose DRIVEN ♥ Passion LED ♥ People FOCUSED #1 Berkshire Hathaway Team in Texas 

Purpose DRIVEN ♥ Passion LED ♥ People FOCUSED #1 Berkshire Hathaway Team in Texas 

May 14 3 minutes read

There’s no doubt that we have a lot of great food options in Austin that we can enjoy on a daily basis. Everything from fantastic barbecue to super awesome Mexican food can be found in the ATX area but what about burgers?

When most people think of burgers they will generally talk about restaurants like Whataburger, Hut’s Hamburgers or Top-Notch Hamburgers but there’s a new sheriff in town that makes the best hamburgers and it’s served by Dai Due.

About the Dai Due Hamburger

If you’re a fan of hamburgers, you owe it to yourself to head over to Dai Due to order their Wagyu double cheeseburger.

Dai Due makes their burger with two patties, allowing for a crunchy sear and even cooking while avoiding the onslaught of one cannonball of jaw-jacking meat. The cooks aren’t afraid of salt, seasoning the meat perfectly to coax and enhance its essence. Oh, your dad puts mustard and ketchup on a burger? How quaint. These folks blend mustard, mayonnaise (burgers are best with mayo), ketchup and some secret spice blend for a tangy blast that oozes across every inch of the burgers and laps up the sides of the shiny bun, pillowy at the top but chewy through the middle, helping keep the sloppiness from falling apart.

No American singles here. Dai Due uses nutty cheddar from Stryk Jersey Farm in Schulenburg, and it melts into the pools of the special sauce that spill from the sides, carrying bright bobs of white onions and emerald discs of pickles like wayward tubers. The buns also get a quick finish on the wood-fired grill, where sits the griddle on which the burgers are cooked, giving a char to the bread that helps interrupt the savory symphony. The only complaint? I couldn’t even finish it. But that’s on me. I wasn’t prepared.interrupt the savory symphony.

Dai due is located at 2406 Manor Rd in Austin.

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