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How COVID-19 is Effecting Buyer Needs

Home Design & the Pandemic

Interest rates hit an all time low midst the COVID-19 Pandemic. In addition to the market changing, buyers are changing their minds about what they deem essential in a new home. One thing remains the same . . . affordability is still #1. 

Touchless Technology

Two words: Hands-free. We are shifting to a new mindset with the spread of COVID-19. The spotlight is on germs, so we will see more voice activated technology controlling lights, faucets, appliances and touch-less entries. Features that make our space cleaner and safer will be top of mind for many. Features like antimicrobial LED lighting - a technology that allow visible light to alter the action in cells of bacteria, mold, and fungi eventually causing it to die, may be requests for new home-buyers. Home builders are upgrading to things like high functioning air filtration and circulation systems that allow consumers to create the cleanest possible environment at no additional cost. 

Here are a few smart home, touch-less gadgets you can purchase today:

Dedicated Work Space

As adults are working from home and many children will be utilizing e-learning this new school year, a dedicated work space is absolutely essential. Having study spaces, strong wifi and rooms ready for Zoom chats are important factors to consider. Open floor plans could become extinct as it's crucial to have separate space to block sounds and stay focused. We could see a huge shift in the layout of future homes. 

Still trying to perfect your at home work space? Check out these helpful tips on making the perfect home office. 

Guide to the perfect home office

Outdoor Space 

Gardens galore! It seems anyone who has an outdoor space is sprucing it up and taking full adventure of their go-to green space. Those who don't have that luxury are craving bigger patio's, larger balconies and in some cases, buyers are forgoing urban lifestyle for something more scenic and spacious. 

Some home-buyers are taking an interest in lots and acreage to create more room for farming and gardening. When community amenities are off limits due to a virus as this, having a private outdoor space is highly desirable. 

Looking for a home with more room to run? Check out our list of homes with acreage in and around Austin. 

Homes for Sale with Acreage

Affordability still #1

While buyers wants and needs are shifting, AFFORDABILITY is the #1 concern.  In a city like Austin where inventory is low and buyer demand is high, we are seeing competitive prices. Start searching for you new home now! 

 Search Austin Homes

How Much House Can I Afford? 

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