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How to Prepare for this weeks Winter Freeze

After the Snowpocalypse of 2021, Central Texans are really preparing for the winter freeze this week. Here are a few helpful lists to keep you and yours warm and safe this winter storm. 

Stock up on Essentials

Essential items to have on hand for the winter freeze

  • Bottled Water / Distilled water
  • Multiple flashlights and batteries - candles are a fire hazard FYI 
  • Nonperishable food and manual can opener
  • Fire aid kit
  • Warm clothing and blankets
  • Diapers/wipes
  • Pet food and supplies 
  • Sand, salt or cat littler to add traction to icy sidewalks 
  • Battery powered radios
  • Portable cellphone chargers
  • Firewood, Firestarter, lighters 
  • Medical equipment
  • Cash
  • Jumper cables for vehicle
  • Scrapers for windshield

Get Your House Ready

Here are a few basic things to prepare your home for this weeks winter freeze

  • Set your thermostat to 68 to conserve energy, potentially preventing a need for rolling outages
  • Wrap pipes with cloth
  • Keep faucets dripping to avoid pipes freezing and bursting
  • Bring plants inside or cover generously with warm blanket
  • Know where your water shutoff valve is and have tools to turn on 
  • Fill bathtub with water if water goes out you'll have water for cooking and flushing toilets'
  • Keep cabinet doors open so warm air can keep pipes warm
  • Seal drafty windows and doors
  • Use terracotta pots, pennies and candles to create heat
  • Change batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors 
  • Get your fireplace ready: starters, logs, lighters, tools, etc
  • Get a generator ready if you have one.  

Driving in the Winter Storm

The Texas Department of Transportation will be treating all major roads and highways in the area ahead of the storm. 

If you MUST drive this week, you should:

  • Slow down and increase the following distance between your vehicle and others.
  • Always keep a safe distance from TxDOT vehicles as they treat roadways.
  • Brake gently, applying slow, steady pressure.
  • Approach turns, bridges and shaded spots slowly.
  • If you start to skid, take your foot off the gas.

Need shelter? 

Call 512-305-4233 for information about availability.

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