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Mastering Thanksgiving: Ultimate Guide to Hosting

Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude, family, friends, and, of course, delicious food. Whether you're hosting a traditional Thanksgiving dinner or a modern Friendsgiving in Austin, the key to a memorable feast lies in the preparation and the dishes you bring to the table. Let's dive into some tips and tricks to make your Thanksgiving a hit!

Prep & Planning

Start Early: Prepare your menu, clean your oven, prepare your shopping list or make that grocery order pick up days in advance. Begin preparing a few days before (chop vegetables, wash & set out nice dishware and glasses). Chill drinks, stock up on coffee and tea and clean out the fridge so you have plenty of room for all the food. 

Finalize Details: Confirm your guest list & confirm any dietary restrictions. Keep a group text thread with all the details of the day and don't be shy to ask guests to bring drinks or bring their favorite family dish. 

Don't be intimidated by the turkey 

Ready to tackle the Thanksgiving turkey, the star of the show? Don't let it ruffle your feathers! Kick-off your turkey adventure a week in advance. Haven’t inherited a family recipe? No problem! Dive into the online world and snag a recipe that's got rave reviews. Think of it as your turkey treasure map.

Got a frozen bird? Let the internet be your guide on the great turkey thaw - it’s a chilly mystery you'll solve in no time. And remember, stuffing isn't just delicious; it's a game-changer for cooking times, so plan accordingly!

When the big day struts in, get that turkey prepped and perched in its roasting tray, chilling in the fridge like it’s waiting for its grand oven entrance. Once it's in, a little basting here and there, and you're on your way to a triumph.

And hey, why not arm yourself with a trusty meat thermometer? It's your secret weapon to ensure your turkey is cooked just right. Think of it as your culinary sidekick for less than the price of a movie ticket. Let's roast and toast to a fun, fabulous turkey day! 🦃

Here is a great guide on how to prepare and cook your turkey to perfection 🤌🏾


No need to transform your home into a Pinterest showcase for Thanksgiving (unless that's your jam!). Sometimes, it's the little touches that make the biggest impact. Twinkle some fairy lights around, or dot your table with adorable mini pumpkins for that cozy, festive vibe. Dash to your local craft store and snag some burlap for a charming, rustic table runner. Gather a handful of autumn leaves to sprinkle some fall magic into your place settings. And if you're feeling a bit stumped on the decor front, remember, Pinterest is always there to spark some easy, breezy decoration ideas! 🍁✨🎃 

Pinterest Worthy Table Settings

turn up the tunes

Your ultimate Thanksgiving Playlist. What's a feast without some beats? This Thanksgiving, let's not just feed our stomachs, let's feed our souls with some groovy tunes! Here is a curated Thanksgiving playlist that'll have everyone from Grandma to the little ones tapping their feet. 

side dish super stars

The unsung heroes of the Thanksgiving Feast, give your side dish the spotlight. From stuffing, casseroles to cranberry sauce be sure your sides are delicious. 

Best Thanksgiving Side Recipes

take a moment: give thanks

Before Eating: Take a moment to go around the table and share what you're thankful for. It's not just about the food, after all! 

sweet endings

No meal is complete without dessert. Pies, cakes, or maybe a pumpkin cheesecake? Make sure there’s a sweet treat for every taste bud at the table. Stock up on coffee and tea too!

fun & games

Once everyone's happily stuffed, it's game time. Charades, board games, or Thanksgiving trivia can add some extra laughs to the evening. 

Party Games

🍽️ The Encore: Leftovers Magic

The Day After: Think of leftovers as Thanksgiving's delightful encore. Transform that turkey into mouth-watering sandwiches, indulge in pie as a breakfast treat (because why not?), and toss up a refreshing salad for a guilt-free balance. Leftovers are where your creativity shines – make the most of them!

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