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Meet S + D


S and D's Success Story

S + D were looking for a new home to raise their 5 boys. They wanted a house with enough space, better schools, and a backyard oasis. They also have 3 dogs - quite the full house!

Before they met us

S + D had worked with another Realtor for months. They had submitted multiple offers only to be disappointed. They had lost hope that they would ever find their happily ever after.

How their story started

I met S + D at an open house. They told me a little about their story and experience with their other Realtor. They submitted an offer on that house but were again disappointed. They called me a few days later to inform me that their current Realtor was tired of working with them and had "fired" them as clients. But they had found another property and wanted me to help them see it if I was willing to take them on as clients. 

"Tears of joy and relief"

We went and saw the other property, put an offer in, and won the contract! Whoo - right?! I had only spent a few hours with them and we had a house under contract. But on the day of the inspection, I could tell something was wrong. After the inspector left we had a long chat and I peeled back the layers of their "wants" in a home only to find out that this home matched few of these. 

They had just reached the point of despair and just wanted to be done with the process of buying a home - so anything would work. We decided that the best course of action was to back out of this contract while we were still in the option period, and I promised them that we would find them the perfect house in their price point. Tears of joy and relief  followed, and 2 weeks later we were under contract on a beautiful home with a pool and in a great school district. 

"It was the home they had always wanted."



"Buying a home can be... no it IS stressful regardless of the circumstances. I strongly believe that my role as your Realtor is so much more than just writing contracts. It's my job to help you discover what is really important to you in your home search, and to work as hard as I can to help you find that perfect home! Above all else, my goal is a happy client - period."

- Scott McCord

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