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Celebrating Austin's Black-Owned Businesses

Kent Redding

Balancing life through God's grace, Kent is renowned for his unwavering commitment and devotion to exceptional service, making him a distinguished Rea...

Balancing life through God's grace, Kent is renowned for his unwavering commitment and devotion to exceptional service, making him a distinguished Rea...

Feb 5 9 minutes read

Take a Meaningful Step in Austin's Journey Towards Justice and Equality: Support Black-Owned Businesses

Your involvement in the local movement for justice and equality can make a real difference. One impactful action you can take right now is to offer financial support and help raise the visibility of Black-Owned and Black-Operated businesses in Austin.

We've explored the city and compiled a comprehensive list for you. By choosing to support these businesses, you're not just making a purchase – you're actively participating in a vital cause, learning, and joining hands in the fight for a more equitable community.



Lux Boards was created by two friends with the intention to create the ultimate charcuterie experience for friends and family. Their boards are plush with fine cheeses, cured meat, and paired with seasonal fruits and nuts.

five star reviews

"Hands down the best charcuterie boards in Austin. The board itself is rich with quality ingredients, everything on it is delicious. More importantly is the wonderful customer service. I needed a board in less than 12 hours and they were able to rush it for me and accommodate our dietary restrictions too."

-Dina Aikhateeb

elemint skin

Shauntavia is a social wellness entrepreneur and previous nurse practitioner, whose work is grounded in centering culture and wellbeing. Through health and wellness initiatives spanning, physical, emotional and social wellbeing, her goal is to cultivate healthy environments in which we thrive holistically and inspire empowered, bold, purposeful lives. 

To expand on that vision, Shauntavia founded eleMINT Skin - a bespoke botanical facial studio in East Austin that believes in the power of plants to harness beauty. eleMINT redefines the spa experience with services that highlight overall wellbeing and make skincare inclusive, accessible and affordable. With an extensive knowledge in skin health, anatomy & physiology, wellness and preventive education, Shauntavia and the team at eleMINT are deeply invested in transforming lives through skin health and wellness. 

Shauntavia currently oversees eleMINT operationally and is available for speaking engagements, brand partnership and 1:1 business coaching.

“A beautiful space with a welcoming and knowledgeable staff! The products are clean and the facial treatments are tailored to each individual.
Josh was awesome and helped me feel so relaxed. I wasn't sure if the 30 minute timeframe would feel sufficient, but it was actually perfect.

I look forward to visiting EleMINT again soon! ” 



taste of ethiopia

Woinee Mariam and her husband, Solomon Hailu don't believe that they are simply restaurant owners. They believe that they have a responsibility to the people of the Austin community to serve meals made with love and real ingredients, not grease and pre-packaged preservatives. Not a single dish leaves the kitchen without Woinee's own seal of approval. You will enjoy foods her relatives in Ethiopia would prepare. Open your mind to new traditions of eating with your hands from large family-style platters, which can only be shared with family or friends. Push the energy through your body with a cup of java directly from the birthplace of coffee...Ethiopia.  

“I felt like I was transported into another world as soon as I stepped into the restaurant and onto the patio! Our waitress was so welcoming and was so helpful. We told her what we wanted to order and she then switched our order and guided us in a better direction given what we wanted and how many people we had! I'm so glad she added on the two dishes we didn't have because I would've never thought to order them. I completely forgot the dish but trust me- anything you order will be good! It was my first time having Ethiopian food and I'm already craving it again. ” 


social justice jewelry

Social Justice Jewelry is an African American, woman-owned business based in Austin, TX. This is jewelry with a message of peace and strength in the face of all the social injustices out there. 

"We were tired of hearing and seeing remarks that denigrated others and wished there was a bracelet to let others know, like a medical alert bracelet, that social injustice is bad for our health. So Social Justice Jewelry was born in 2016 with the creation of the Allergy cuff bracelet and the #powerofpeace logo  – the inner symbol is a West African symbol for power, strength, or bravery: the outer ring is made of olive branches signifying peace. "

Social Justice Jewelry is Values Driven

  • Respect and dignity for all. 
  • Intersectionality because all oppression is  connected! 
  • Inclusivity We are size inclusive. We see you and make jewelry for you too! 
  • Timeliness promoting current causes in a modern and innovative way. 
  • Empower our customers to make a difference in your communities.

In a world of prejudice and injustice, Austinite Alaine Hutson is a leader of change."

Read the full article here

cater to mom 

Cater to Mom focuses on catering to the needs of moms during postpartum recovery by providing a monthly postpartum subscription box.

Her story 

"Hello, I'm Marsha, Founder/CEO of Cater to Mom. I spent my entire pregnancy preparing for my baby to arrive but it never occurred to me to prepare for postpartum care. When I had my first baby, I remember leaving the hospital with a bag full of baby products and helpful resources on how to take care of my little one. We got home, got the baby settled and within a few hours my body began to ache. I was swollen everywhere and leaking all over the place. I went to look in the hospital bag to see what I should do to take care of myself. To my surprise and chagrin, the only thing I could find was a squirt bottle, adult diapers, and some fishnet underwear! There were absolutely no instructions on how to care for myself, and I had absolutely no clue what to do. Two months into my postpartum journey I began to experience feelings of hopelessness, guilt, anxiety, and simply not feeling worthy of being a mom. I was afraid to talk to anyone for fear of being judged by the thoughts that I was having. It was truly through prayer and taking daily walks alone that over time I started to feel better and confident in being a mom. I did not realize until years later that I had suffered through postpartum depression.  

I strongly believe that every mother needs regular, on-going information; mental, emotional, and spiritual support; proper rest and nourishment, and, most of all, compassionate companionship and encouragement. This is why I started Cater to Mom. I wanted moms to know their not alone in their postpartum journey.

Postpartum has no timeline and I am thankful for the opportunity to cater to the needs of moms postpartum and beyond. 

There’s no doubt that you won’t ever forget the memories you made in your home, but looking forward to the new memories you’ll create in the future and getting excited for what’s to come can put your mind at ease. 

No matter if you’ve lived there a couple years or many decades, selling your home can inspire a deep emotional response."

“a must for new moms! these were really well done boxes. highly usable (consumable) and interesting post-partum items. each box was filled with very different items. snacks, essential oils, and ea c cookbook. the packaging was elegant, creating a feeling of being pampered. a wonderful gift for a new mom."


a detailed list of all black owned businesses in austin

The Vine: Dr. King & the pilgrimage experience

As a part of a series on Peacemaking, The Vine is organizing a pilgrimage experience retracing significant moments from Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy and the Civil Rights Movement. We will not only go on pilgrimage to walk in these sacred places, but to also explore the calling of peacemaking for us today.

May 1-5

Interested? Sign up and get more info here

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